Maker Party Bangalore

FSMK Summer Camp '14

Every year FSMK organizes a 9 day summer camp in Bangalore. Students from different colleges all over Karnataka join the summer camp to learn, create, collaborate.

Last year's response for Maker Party at the Summer Camp was overwhelming and the organizers invited us to host Maker Party this year too!

Maker Party, Mozilla’s annual global campaign to teach the web, kicked off last week on July 15!

As always Ankit started with what is Open Source, Open Web and why Mozilla! Explained briefly about all the Webmaker tools (X-ray Goggles, Thimble, Popcorn, Appmaker).

Then it was time to do some makes! Yay! The students were amazed to see how easy it is to see the HTML source code of a particular block with X-ray Goggles and at the same time replace the existing code to generate a new webpage.

We've given a set of links to start handson for those who want to remix something that is already available.

"and yes! we had more than 100 Webmaker makes in just 3 hours! Webmaker tools makes you n00b to ninja in less than one hour!"

Webmaker tools are fun and challenging that made them understand the tools and how they can better learn and create something amazing on the Web.

Group pic with the Webmakers
[PC: Aditya]

Most of the students were either Firefox Student Ambassadors or wanted to know more about FSA. They were pretty excited to host their own Maker Parties at their colleges. Here's more for the activities and resources for FSA's.

The Maker Party at FSMK Summer Camp was really fun, filled with smart and interesting people. Thanks to Vignesh, Abhiram and all the volunteers who helped us with the event. As always, I am happy, excited and invigorated with the Maker Party! .

Some of the feedback we received from the participants:

"The softwares which u showed us today we really interesting and useful for us."
-- Mahesh

"Appmaker must work on slow network connections. If it's in the form of software which can be installed in the pc it will be awesome!"
-- Akshay

"Its a good experience to use such simple tools to design stuffs instead of programming it from scratch using just program codes :) I had lots of fun and it was a very good experience :) learning code is easy n helpful to learn to program it.. :) "
-- Mythreya

"had fun making them, it felt that I had done a lot of amazing things without knowning much about them"
-- Karthik

Interested in Maker Party? Find one or host one near your place to join the Maker Party this year!

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