After the success of Hyderabad launch party, am back to my college to organize a launch party in our college (IIIT, Pune).

In one of our school labs on 21st April, everyone gathered together in the evening for the launch of Firefox 4. Expected a little less number but to my surprise the count was more.

First gave a presentation and showed videos on the latest features of Firefox 4 and what a browser is capable of doing with all those features in it!

I guess that gave an idea of what Firefox 4 is capable of. (There were few who doesn't even know Firefox is free to download). Such events and parties help people know what Firefox is!

After that our head of the school cut the yummy Firefox cake. It was delicious, must say. The event run lively and the participants were also enthusiastic about the event. Not felt, the night wore on, participants began to enjoy the evening.

And then everyone was busy with the swag which Mozilla sent us to distribute. Bands, stickers, tattoo, bags and many more. I still see people roaming in campus with Firefox tattoo on their body. :)

I am happy to be a part of the Mozilla community. Thanks to Vineel and my friends (Santosh, Guntha and many more) who helped me out in organizing this event peacefully. :)

Check out our Mozilla India group on Flickr for the pictures.

"Open Source is Beauty and Sharing is Sexy" ;)
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