The Maker Party event at FSMK summer camp Bangalore was just amazing!

The Free Software Movement Karnataka[1] is one of those communities which promotes open and free source initiatives.

They recently conducted a 9 day Summer Camp for the Engineering & Science students at JVIT college and approached us if we can include +Mozilla Webmaker event in the summer camp and gave one full day for the Maker Party! [2]

Gauthamraj and myself were planning with the event organizing and stuff. Thanks to +Gauthamraj for sorting and helping the event to actually happen! :)

On the event day we had our awesome Reps +Ankit  +Jai Pradeesh +Vineel and a couple of Mozillians +Jafar and +Jayakumar to help with the workshops.

The sessions started with Ankit showing on how to hack a website. The hands-on workshop went very well and we had so many hacks. One of them used Popcorn for calling out the volunteers[3].

The internet was very slow on the event day and the offline sources were very helpful for the smooth flow of the event.

The event was a huge success because I see people using the Webmaker tools when I attend few of the meetups. They use popcorn and thimble for creating invitations and videos.

The feedback we received from one of the participant:

"The next day was probably the only day which I can never forget, the mozilla webmaker party was just freaking amazing. It was so dam simple to modify any website, to give it a touch of our own personalization."

Blog from one of the participant [4].
Pictures of the event[5].

I couldn't stay at the event for very long though :(


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