FSA Bootcamp India

This is a pilot event and there will more such trainings in the future!

Last weekend on Feb 14, we invited 50 Firefox Student Ambassadors from different states in India to join us at the Mozilla Community Space in Bangalore for a fun-filled bootcamp. This is a one day event in Bangalore, our biggest FSA focussed event so far in India after revamping the program. We received 80 applicants and selected 50 of them to attend the training.

Firefox Student Ambassadors is one of the biggest and active ambassador programs in India. As I write, we have 28790 registered students globally with 16700 students from India.

It was a packed agenda for the day filled with awesomeness, live video talks, ice breakers and hands-on sessions .

Arcadio Lainez, Product Marketing Manager gave us a live demo of Firefox Hello explaining in brief all the features and future plans for Hello. It's a feature about communication and staying in touch with the people while you browse the Internet. Firefox Hello is built in to the browser using WebRTC (Real-Time Technology) that powers the Web.

TJ, Community Manager for FSA spoke about the program insights on how we are looking the ambassador program in providing career development and a way to gain new skills with 'Approach, Engage, Equip and Empower' idea and not just a marketing program. 2015 will be the year for creating more resources (training), increasing the community with active participation from the Firefox Clubs in the universities, community participation.

Icebreaker! The ambassadors were divided into 4 groups and asked to discuss and write about:

FSA Bootcamp

The FSA Exec Board members (Galaxy, Gauthamraj, Viswa, Biraj) explained briefly about the program structure, recognition (schwag yay!), contribution ways to Mozilla, club activities, club lead training, IRC and the day ended with a FirefoxOS hackathon.

Thanks to our RAL's (Santosh Viswanatham, Bala Subramaniyan) & Vineel Reddy for joining and helping with the event. It's safe to say everyone had a good time, and it was amazing to have a group of ambassadors at one place!

The participants gave feedback that the bootcamp helped them motivate and are equipped with resources to share the knowledge with others. We look forward to seeing the ambassadors at the universities by putting all the knowledge they gained into action.

We had a video shoot with the ambassadors introducing themselves in their language. It is under post production and should be out sometime soon! :)

Click through the photos till then: https://flic.kr/s/aHsk52xNyj.

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