Yay! We had a Firefox Flicks screening event in Bangalore on Sunday, the 15th April. Well, many of them are pretty excited about the Flicks! This actually gets the creativity out of oneself. I’ve contacted some of the folks who are interested/working in the film/animation industry and we all gathered at a restaurant on a fine evening. . ;)

I showed them the trailer of Flicks and a couple of videos which won prizes in the previous years to start with. Gave a brief about Flicks, different categories, countries, rules and prizes! For a moment they all were kinda surprised by seeing the prizes they can win and we also have an exclusive trip to the Cannes film festival for the winner. 

And then, everyone was telling about their previous experiences with short films they worked on. I should mention the drinks and food at this place we went was awesome! One of the guys has started shooting a ZooZoo (Vodafone ad? Remember?) type of video for Flicks with the title “Why is Firefox So Fast?.” :) 

Hoping for some great video submissions from India! Come on guys show your talent to the world! :)

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