It was 25th June morning and I was really tensed about the day as How will it go? Will audience actively participate? Will they enjoy it? And voila! It was a great success. Yes, I am talking about the Mozilla India & Mozilla Labs Demo Party at Pune that kicked off last week. Not everyone has the knowledge about Demo Party/Demo Scene culture in India as this is the only Demo Party happened in here after 1999!!

Everyone was on time and the event kick started half an hour late than expected due to some network glitches. With full energy I gave an introduction to the Demo Party/Demo Scene culture and what is it is about. Thanks to Visy for creating a playlist for us :) . Tobias, from Mozilla, gave us light on the Demo Party culture by sending an exclusive message to the party. All smiles when he removes his tee and goes for surfing. :D

Our first speaker, Aditee, from Microsoft gave an overview of what all is HTML 5 and what it is not! And for sure it is not How To Meet Ladies ver 5.0 (HTML 5) :D. Aditee explained and showcased simple demos we can create using HTML 5 (audio, video, canvas, transitions) without need for flash. Thanks to HTML 5, no need to use flash in the websites.

Why should a designer care about CSS3? By Shwetank, from Opera Software showed how important CSS is for a website to make it look good. Some features like the rounded corners, use any font you like, animate elements in the page, different types of transitions, drop shadows on text and boxes, code just once and have it on multiple devices. The code for all these features was little but makes a huge impact on the site.

Dipen (QED42) and Meher (Amiworks) talked on the HTML 5 APIs, new semantics. Dipen made the audience try out simple but important APIs. Also gave an idea of the flow of the code that happens in the backend.

Another interesting thing Meher was explaining in HTML 5 is the WebM format. It is a free and open video format designed to provide royalty free high quality video compression for use with HTML 5 video.

In all the talks one thing was common i.e., the cross domain communication. So that if anything is developed, it should work on all the browsers and we should try to have the standard code along with the vendor specific code, just to make it more future proof.

The event rounded off with talks, demos, networking and in the end, the participants were enlightened and engraced with the latest web technologies and are ready to create some interesting stuff.

Thanks to Tobias, Vineel, Abhishek for encouraging, helping out and taking care of each and every aspect of the event. Also Raphael Jacob, who is responsible for taking care of everything at the venue. :)

Big thanks to Microsoft, Opera, Amiworks, QED42, Amazing Pune and our event host SICSR for partnering with Mozilla in making the event a great success.

The online competition has started. Submit your demos and get cool prizes: 

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