Its been a while since I actually wrote about myself. So, thought I'll write about my pathetic and miserable college life. Like all the asses out there, I also wanted to go abroad to do my higher education. But, couldn't due to personal problems! :(

And I applied to the only college in India which has the specialization I wanted. I gave my entrance exam and after a long wait I got admission! :)

Packed my things and Pune, here I came. The bus dropped me at a god forbidden place where I could barely see anyone. There was only one auto guy standing there. I asked him, how much far is IT park from here? and he said, it is about 2KM and asked me to pay 4 fucking hundreds!!!! I came all the way 600KM by just paying 700 and he asks me like I had to pay his son's school fees.

The auto guy also said, "today is sunday, koi aane wala nahi hein." Was telling as if he is a one day CM. After a long negotiation the rate was fixed at 200 rupees and finally dropped me in Infotech Park!!
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